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BS Media & Communications


Media and communication is one of the fastest growing disciplines of the social sciences which has created a huge demand for professionals well versed in all mediums of communication. The media industry is leading the way in the communication revolution that is sweeping across the world. A society rich in information has become an essential need for socio-political and socio-economic stability of any nation. Socio-political and economic stability of any nation depends greatly on the richness of information and its proper management.

Program Objectives

  • Make Pakistani society information rich
  • Fulfill all demands of human resource required in media and communication market.
  • Manage media revolution in a highly professional manner
  • Create professional excellence
  • Discover innovations in the field of media and communication
  • Motivate students to launch their own media entrepreneurship on small scale

Course Division

In view of HEC’s policy and all requirements for BS Social Sciences programs, the courses of the program have been divided into the following five categories:

  • Compulsory
  • Introductory
  • Foundation courses
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Major and Specializations

Learn-and-Earn Approach

We are committed to apply a very professional approach by providing an environment to the students where they can learn through the blend of theory and practice in a benefiting manner and then transform their learning into earning in a real sense.

Program Strategy

Application of new and growing body of knowledge these days is the key to a successful career in the media. Without this, the students are not equipped to be solid professionals in the competitive and demanding media market which is constantly evolving and coming up with new challenges.

Keeping this market need in mind, we are conscious about the fact that the students of BS 4-Year Program have not only more time of study than the Master students (who have half the time to study the discipline as compared to BS students), they are also of an age where it is easier to pick up knowledge and learn the use of new technology. Taking advantage of this, we will consciously utilize these potentials to enhance students’ capacity and to get them to learn innovative professional practice faster and better.

During the study, we will design the students’ potential strategically to take maximum benefit to prepare them as “Young Leaders of Change” in Pakistan who will defuse across the border. Emphasis will be given to maintain balance between class work and practical environment for maximum practical training.

Practical Training

  • Audio / visual Lab
  • FM Radio
  • Lab Newspaper
  • Field Projects
  • Work Shop

Off-Campus Training

  • Internship
  • Study tours

Admission Criteria

The candidates having at least second division Intermediate (FA, FSc, GSG, I.Com, A’Level or Equal) certificate will be eligible to apply for admission to the BS 4-year Program. Top preference in admission process will be given on the basis of obtained marks in the above mentioned programs of intermediate level. A two-member Admission Committee of permanent faculty members will also conduct interviews of the applicants to evaluate the capacity of candidates for admission to the undergraduate program.

Number of Seats: Limited up to 50 seats with two seats for foreign students
Academic Session: Admission will be open for two weeks, twice before Fall and Spring Semester.
Rules and Regulations: All admission rules and regulations and policies or decisions will be adopted / implemented / chalked out /taken on the basis of undergraduate programs offered by UMT

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